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1st Big Cat Dinner Party Painting  Hilary Leigh Signed Original Art Cat Dinner Party 70 X 50 CM Big Stretched Cavas Paintings Acrylic

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Pastel Etching Oil Pastel Cat On Horse Pastel Artworks 20 X 15 1/2 CM With No Frame

Photo Below Shows The Back Side Of The Framed Art With Cat On Horse Pastel Etching

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Pastel cat on horse drawing ships from European Art Gallery Sales Pastel Art From Scandinavia For $9.00 shipping, $45.00 US For Art

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As the picture shows the framed pastel art can either hang or stand in the frame on a desk or table top etc.

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Old Lady Waiting Portraits 27 X 35 CM making this old lady portrait painting 10.6 X 13.7 IN. The acrylic paintings on canvas & signed by this portrait artist Hilary Frihd in Acrylic Paints. Realistic Paintings Old Lady Waiting. Acrylic portrait paintings original art from Sweden with worldwide shipping. Zola Cat Inspired Websites

My Cat Zola Used To Love Watching Live Art Shows As You See My Cat Zola Sits On The Table Watching Me Paint And Make Art For The Art Shows & Art Auctions

Art Gallery Shows Art Photos Examples Of Art Sold On Art Auctions Online. Examples Paintings And Art Sold At European Art Galleries & Live Art Shows In Europe Pictures of paintings & cool art sold online at art auctions, art sold on ebay & art sold in art galleries by us at art gallery online


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Funny cat and dog paintings of cats dinner party with cats and dogs having dinner in the back of Zolas Restaurant Painting Cat Inspired Paintings & Art.

Obviously when I was painting most of the art and paintings to sell my beautiful cat Zola was still alive and helping me paint and live etc! Now if or when I paint it will be slow and sad paintings probably. I am very sure not many new paintings will pour out of my sick and sad soul now days but, I have paintings I painted and art not seen online before that are old paintings and art from the past that I will try to share and show online to sell art here & there before I go.

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola My Love Passed Away.

My baby Zola passed away May of 2014. I am more than just heart broken. Just to keep living and refrain from doing something I can not undo is not easy anymore. Maybe I will be lucky and taken too soon so I can rejoin Zola my beautiful baby. Until that day I just try to keep on keeping on the best I can.

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Weird Art Gallery Shows Weird Art & Weird Paintings By Weird Artists & Painters That Paint Cool Artworks. That art websites also a cool art website for artists to read information about how to make money painting, how to sell art online & info about different types of art and artists in the world etc. You can find Howard Peace Art via Howard Peace Paintings In The Gothic Art Gallery There Too