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  The cool body art photo above shows painted hands by the artist Hilary Leigh were the final option for the cover of the art face book or face art and poetry book Facepaint Poetry. The original face painting and poetry books cover was to be a painted face but before the book distribution company accepted the book to distribute at Borders / Walden Books the lady that called upon the artist Hilary Leigh to revise the book saying to the artist that books with faces on the cover did not seem to sell as well. The book was about face painting faces and poetry so the book cover should have been with the face painting but the poet and artist changed the cover of the poetry and art book to have the book accepted for distribution by Borders Books / Walden Book Stores.

Facepaint Poetry Book Preview Video Shows Self Publish Art & Poetry Book

   Facepaint Poetry book preview video shows art and poetry book previews of Facepaint Poetry with talking cat Zola helping show the self published face painting poetry books by artist, face painter, photographer, writer and poet Hilary Leigh. Funny cat videos with funny cats helping with videos for facepaint poetry book preview online. Funny cat videos of Cat Catastrophe *Cattrastophe if you will grin.* Funny cat video shows my cats trying to hurry up and help finish the video so Zola can have some cat love. *grin*

    Funny cats in videos Zola the world famous talking cat. This cats world famous one person at a time. Grin. Never heard of the famous cat well now you have. Face Painting Book Preview Shows Talking Cat Zola Helping Market Self Published Face Art And Poetry Books Online. Zola the funny cats a huge part of and even the face painting poetry books face painters personal website etc. Find face painting pictures of facepaint that shows how the Hilary Leigh the face painter was feeling at the time she wrote the poems. Each poem in the book has a face painting to match.

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  Facepaint poetry books for kids, teens & adults that like poetry and art books. The beautiful tabby cat Zola is a famous cat as seen on every issue of On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Magazine and Newspaper Prints Distributed In Dallas Fort Worth Texas Printed Monthly. My world famous cat Zola as seen in newspapers in Sweden via Swedish news articles by Swedish news reporters that wrote articles about people living unusual lives and art reviews as seen in popular newspapers in Sweden like Hallands Nyheter via Halland Sverige. Most of this artists art and website content on is cat inspired by talking cat Zola. On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Online

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All art, paintings, face and body paintings & websites were cat inspired and created with the help of my talking cat Zola over the years. As the funny cat picture shows Zola the world's most beautiful cat was also the world's bravest cat for she was not scared of ghosts & ghouls.

Click photos below & picture shows full size or large images from past live webcam shows on my free webcams. Picture shows face painting webcam shows with Talking Cat Zola & Artist Hilary Leigh also know as zolaente. Past Halloween Face Painting Picture From My Webcamxp Shows Photo Gallery Pictures Of Beautiful Moments Caught On Webcam. I Used To Share My Art Live via Free Webcam Shows Of face painting & fun with Zola.


   Facepaint poetry books as ebooks online let you read poetry online with funny & cool face painting pictures to match the poems. Old version of Facepaint Poetry Books now available in ebooks online! Link below leads to face painting blogs from Europe online with videos and photos of Sweden on not so famous websites cool pages with Swedish blogs at Face painting Blogs in English & Swedish shows Another Face In Another Place Video Blogs Online Free. Watch free videos, free Photos & free blogs

Swedish Video Blogs From Sweden Face Painting Video Blogs & Photo Blogs Of Face Paintings In Different Places *Another Face In Another Place* People that like facepaint poetry books will love free videos and photos of another face in another place Facepaint with beautiful backgrounds that show nature and wildlife in Sweden and Denmark. Scandinavia online

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My Cat Zola Used To Love Watching TV & Zola Loved To Watch Movies Online Before Zola My Cat Went Blind. That Picture Shows Zola The Smiling Cat With Live TV Shows Seen In The Background via Photo Reflections

Hilary Leigh Artists Paintings Are Cat Inspired By Talking Cat Zola. The talking cat Zola not only inspired the art but inspired the artist in all ways!

My Cat Zola Used To Love Watching Live Art Shows As You See My Cat Zola Sits On The Table Watching Me Paint And Make Art For The Art Shows & Art Auctions

my ebay art auctions on ebay auction sites online here ebay auction links to art auctions on ebay for my ebay art auctions for aceo art and paintings for sale on ebay auctions online. I do not sell many paintings on ebay! I only list ebay auctions when ebay offers free listings!

    Bird Pictures Show Big Bird Photos When You Click The Bird Pictures! Photos Of Birds And Seagulls In Europe Shows European Birds And Scandinavian Birds With Seagulls And Ocean Birds In Denmark And Sweden Online.


About The Making Of Facepaint Poetry Books & About Self Publishing Books *Why No More Hardback Books Of Facepaint Poetry By Hilary Leigh Are For Sale*

  I had given up on my facebook or poetry and art book marketing and sales of  my facepaint poetry books in print since after moving from the USD to Europe. Sad to say I no longer have my amazing printer set up as I did back home in the usa. I also no longer have money or funds and free time to spend printing copies of face painting poetry books or even doing face painting for my free websites and videos etc. I no longer sell printed books or self published books in print. Sad to say I was not been able to afford enough time off work from my websites and newspapers in the USA to print and bind the number of copies the book distributors requested to have them publish or distribute my cool facepaint poetry books. Borders and Walden Books never got my poetry book copies to distribute my poetry and art books due to the fact things in life sadly changed for me during the times I was printing copies and running my newspapers in the usa. I sent 1 book in and the lady at Borders books accepted my art and poems in my Facepaint Poetry Book for Distribution by Borders Walden Books to their stores. I was happy my facepaint poetry book was liked and accepted by the world famous book distributors. I am so sad that I changed my life so drastic at that time that I could not afford to take even a little time off work for printing books, making my hardback book covers and binding that many copies of my art and poetry books..

   I sold all copies of my facepaint poetry books in print via hardback books that I printed and bound myself with the exception of 2 books that came with me to be given away in Europe. If you find a copy of my facepaint poetry books in print  it is probably rare books that are rare enough to make money on if you sell you books online or to collectors etc..

   My face painting poetry book was like my websites in ways since all were self made and marketing was done myself also. I made all content for my websites and my books myself. I took all photos of myself and all photos for my books and websites myself some with auto timer others while holding my camera for films and photos. My self published book with poetry and art on my face never did go through book stores like borders even after accepted for distribution since time and money to publish and bind handmade book covers with glue binding would be more than I could spend or give of my time. With printing and sorting newspapers to make a living there was not much time to spare on making fun books. I sadly never spent time marking my own art outside marketing in my Dallas newspapers to try to help others find cheap ads that work etc. Few people knew I even had a self published poetry and face art book out grin. I wrote the poems, did the face art and graphics design on the books, I created hard back covers and bound the book myself etc.. I got my ISBN numbers and Bar Codes and sent the books in to be accepted by several major book distribution companies. I did not want to pay a publishing company or go through a middle man.

Buy House Of Books Facepaint Poetry Reading Paintings On 70 X 50 CM Big Stretched Canvas. Acrylic Art House Of Books No Longer For Sale Just To Show Facepaint Poetry Reading

Facepaint Poetry House Of Books Ships From Sweden With The Best Prices For International Shipping From Europe. This canvas paintings signed original art by artist Hilary Leigh with no copies of this art. That paintings no longer for sale but you can find more art for sale online on this cool website & my art auction sites On The Edge Ads And Entertainment Websites Information About Copyrights on Videos And Photos & How To Buy Videos, Buy Photos, Pay Per Articles, Advertise Online With On The Edge Ads And Entertainment USA Newspaper & Magazine Now Online Entertainment Worldwide

      The Cool Websites Webdesign And Work Online Is All The Works Of 1 Person Hilary Leigh. On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Newspaper Publishing Companies Owner Hilary Leigh is also the Photographer, Web Designer, Graphic Artist, X USA News Reporter & Ad Sales Manager & Entire Sales Department Etc. To buy ads online or buy links on our website contact Hilary Leigh. Our cool website sells website content for web sites and news etc. To buy photos, buy videos, pay for articles or hire photographers and writers in Europe contact Hilary Leigh or Zolaente via email or by phone.

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola My Love Passed Away.

   My baby Zola passed away in Gothenburg Sweden at a Swedish animal hospital. Zola is the talking cat as seen in On The Edge Ads And Entertainment newspapers, magazines, websites and on live webcams in the past. My baby Zola passed away May 10th 2014. RIP Baby Zola I hope I can join you very soon. The animal hospital in Gothenburg Sweden where my cat Zola spent her final time was Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhuset I Göteborg that website links to a page off my Swedish Art Gallery & Swedish New, Scandinavian Photos & Video Websites For Europe Online via

Information About Zola Inspired Website Copyrights & Information About My Cat Inspired Website Website Content

    Photos, Videos, News, Webcams & Webdesign, Art, Cool Websites Webpages & All Website Contents Copyrights Of Zola The Talking Cat & the cats human slave Hilary Leigh aka artist, photographer, graphics artist, news reporter, website web designer, face and body painter, website marketing and ad specialist, affiliate marketing slave, SEO and movie maker or video producer etc. This cool websites all the work of one lady hilary inspired by one cat ZOLA *grin*. It is not legal to make copies or reproduce any of this cool websites content. It is not legal to use any of my other cool websites content or any of my work in any way with not first talking to the cat or cats owner and getting permission. Though this talking cat really talks and can say yes Zola my cat says no to using our online videos, photos and content off my cool cats websites and online talking cat inspired webpages etc.