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Dallas Texas Newspapers In Print USA Newspapers In Print On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Dallas Fort Worth DFW Texas Magazines & Dallas Texas Newspapers Old News Pages Show Examples Of Dallas Texas Newspapers In Dallas Fort Worth USA Photos Of Past Prints By ZolaEnterprises.com Zola & Hilary Leigh X Dallas Newspaper Reporter & Photographer Etc also known as Zolaente *Grin*

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Pictures Below Show Examples Of Zolaenterprises.com Dallas Texas Newspapers Printed And Placed Around Dallas Fort Worth Texas In The Past. The pictures of the Dallas newspaper shows On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Magazines I used to put out free monthly in DFW. I made enough money to make a living by selling ads in the printed newspaper and online.


Dallas newspaper in print shows Dallas Scare grounds Dallas Haunted House Reviews From On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Newspapers In Dallas Texas To Share Fun Dallas Reviews On Halloween Issues of my printed newspaper in Dallas Texas October

   Buy ads online via ZolaEnterprises.com On The Edge Ads And Entertainment with credit card, Buy ads online with paypal or pay direct bank deposit for advertising online with On The Edge Ads & Entertainment now online newspapers and magazines no longer printed newspapers and magazines in Dallas Texas or DFW Texas we are Worldwide Online. To make arrangements to pay for ads online via check or cash ect contact us via email here

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Dallas Photographer Hilary Leigh


Pictures of Our Halloween Issue Old Dallas Newspapers

Pictures Of Hilary Leigh In Dallas

Pictures from Dallas Texas via Carrollton Texas USA Photos Of Hilary Leigh On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Face Painter, Artist & Photographer and Newspaper Graphic Artist & News Reporter Playing With Digital Cameras.



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   My USA Newspapers known in DFW as On The Edge Ads And Entertainment were printed newspapers I created, marketed and did all work on by myself over years to make them become known in the DFW Area *DFW aka Dallas Fort Worth.* The monthly newspapers in Texas needed a website since most people surf the internet also for local stores, clubs, shops, party entertainment and news etc. I picked the name Zolaenterprises as in Zola Enterprises *my cats name is zola whom years later in the late 2000s had her own website made by us or me aka Hilary Leigh aka Zolaente at www.zolas.info. Enterprises would be defined in word definitions as Business or company and trading or economics or organizations etc. The Web Site of course needed a .com since it was for an american news site and company in the usa to post ads, do web design, make graphics, and help market and sell products for other usa stores and companies online.

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola My Love Passed Away.

   My baby Zola is gone now. After being told we should give Zola the talking cat as seen in my past newspapers, magazines, websites and webcams in the past has now passed away while fighting for her life at one of the Swedish animal hospitals in Gothenburg Sweden May 10th 2014. RIP Baby Zola I hope I can join you very soon. My baby Zola fought hard so hard you can not imagine. I know she was fighting hard for her life for me in ways for she knew I needed her and loved her so much. The animal hospital in Gothenburg Sweden where my cat Zola spent her final time was Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhuset I Göteborg Sverige

Online Information About Zolaente ZolaEnterprises.com Website & Info About On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Dallas Texas Newspapers In Print & Worldwide News Online Etc. About the start of my dallas newspapers and magazines & On The Edge Ads And Entertainment Website ZolaEnterprises.com Info Below.

   My Dallas Newspapers were more like glossy magazines with news and entertainment. The DFW Newspapers were found monthly in stores, bars, offices, hotels, restaurants and all over dallas texas and fort worth texas. At one point I even put some of the free dallas newspapers out in Houston and Galveston texas for a day or two. I started out putting flyers on doors and sample magazines with only about 30 to 40 pages in them to see if people would find it interesting and more entertaining than the same old boring USA News And USA Newspapers people are used to buy and reading etc. Of course my weird face painting and art in the newspapers or magazines I published and printed did freak some of the people in Texas out *grin* I had already been freaking out people worldwide and sure was used to freaking the americans out online for so long. grin. Mainstream People like boring things and stuff that is look alike or copies of the same old articles in the same old usa newspapers in america. I always searched for truth and reality not american tv or news from mainstream american government controlled media in america etc. Few people dig original stuff and things that are not so normal and plain looking in the usa but, for that matter even in Europe I do not fit in and they seem more into simple art & simple mainstream things etc. I hate boring and mainstream stuff so there we have it or had it On The Edge Ads And Entertainment Dallas Newspapers Online Worldwide Now From Europe or where ever in the world Zola and I travel from here eh. Grin.

On The Edge Ads & Entertainment (Dallas Newspapers online no longer in print or in Dallas Texas Now World News & Entertainment Online

   I used to put printed newspapers in Dallas Texas & Fort Worth prior to the start of this website. I did my own advertising online & even passing out free magazines, newspapers & flyers all over Dallas Texas, Fort Worth Texas, Lewisville Texas, Denton Texas, even some newspapers in Houston Texas & Galveston Texas when I got to travel to Galveston Island before the Hurricane washed away some of Galveston Texas houses, hotels, clubs & businesses in Galveston Texas via Galveston Island.

     I was the publisher, news reporter, photographer, ad sales and graphic designer ect. This website started as a place to offer free ads online for people that paid for ads in my usa new papers I used to print and distribute in Texas for years. Over the years my cool website Zolaenterprises.com grew into a huge store website and news site where I ended up mostly working with affiliate programs in the usa. The first year of the newspaper I was out daily showing companies, stores and all local DFW places my news and entertainment magazines and leaving my number & business cards to let them know I was there to help them place ads in print at cheaper prices for better and cooler ads in a cool newspaper.

     I spent evenings making calls to market the ads & doing webpages to market online etc. I had so few ads that the website had to appear busy since the magazine was only my stuff. Of course I made it look cool like other ads were there yet it was me that ended up busy with all the face painting parties and selling stuff. I still kept trying to and give people options to buy things on the web sites too so of course when the marketing worked in print and people started shopping a little online. I made more online with less work than I did in printing magazines with ads so cheap and working so hard.

     I put my life into the website in ways and learned the hard way about fraud companies and american laws. I guess I was pretty well used and worked hard to make a living online. Now I will work smart and have fun with it by going European on the websites webpages. This website was my internet news site with videos, cams, chats, art and tons of stuff. Now this sites moved over to where my heart has always been meaning Europe! Grin. My websites going to be dealing with mostly european travel and european companies though some american or usa businesses and companies may post ads online and be found on the usa sections of the site still.

Carrollton Texas Photo above is a copy of one of the USA News Papers or USA Newspaper covers. The Site url was not on the newspaper of course but it is there to show you it is copyrights of my site zolaenterprises.com. I always put the newspaper website in small print on the back of the printed newspaper in every issue.

    Hilary Leigh The Dallas Newspaper Photographer And News Reporter Took The Photograph Of The American Flag in Carrollton Texas *North Dallas Texas* Even Though Taking Photographs Of The American Flag & Being So Near To The American Flag Made Her Fill Sick. Hilary Leigh Was Never A Fan Of American Ways With Wars And Violence In The USA But The American Flag Photograph With The Reflection Of The Ugly American Flag In The Mirrored Office Buildings In North Dallas via Carrollton Texas Was Cool Photography. If the flag was a European flag from about any country in Europe the cover of the newspapers and magazines in the usa would have been amazing eh Grin.

     That was the only cover or issue of the newspaper that I ever tried to make boring also known as mainstream and normal grin. It was a test magazine so I only published and printed about 7000 copies of the 15 pages magazine that month. Yet toward the end of On The Edge Ads And Entertainment Printed Newspapers In Dallas Most Copies Put Out Were A Minimum Of 25 Pages With Minimum of 10,000 Printed Copies of The Local Newspaper In Dallas by Zolaente aka Zola My Cat And I Hilary Leigh.

   ZolaEnterprises.com Websites have fun stuff to do online with website links to shops, stores, news etc. via my cool websites pages and fun links to On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Online. Now just online in the usa no more printed newspaper or magazine copies are found since late 2008? Do you have an issue of On The Edge Ads & Entertainment by Zolaente? If so I may consider buying it from you. Full Issues only no sample copies. If your copy is 50 to 100 pages you may have the last years issues. That Dallas newspaper is one of the DFW Newspapers we would buy from you in the event you have the Halloween Issue Of On The Edge Ads & Entertainment In The Full Version And Good Condition.

About On The Edge Ads & Entertainment DFW Newspapers

On The Edge Ads And Entertainment Online Now Not Just USA News But European News & World News Videos And Articles Online For Live News And Weather With Free Webcams & Cool Websites For On The Edge Ads And Entertainment Websites Entertainment Online Website Copyright Info About ZolaEnterprises.com Copyrights Online

  Photos, Videos, News, Webcams & ZolaEnterprises.com Webdesign, Art, Cool Websites Webpages & Website Contents Copyrights Of Zola The Talking Cat & the cats human slave Hilary Leigh aka artist, photographer, news reporter, website web designer, face and body painter, website marketing and ad specialist & affiliate marketing specialist etc. This cool websites all the work of one lady hilary inspired by one cat ZOLA *grin*. It is not legal to make copies or reproduce any of this cool websites content. It is not legal to use any of my other cool websites content or any of my work in any way with not first talking to the cat or cats owner and getting permission. Though this cat talks and can say yes Zola says no to using her videos, photos and content off her cool websites etc

   ZolaEnterprises.Com cool website became my news online with fun video websites and art galleries etc. The entire website Zolaenterprises.com has always been all the work of 1 person Hilary Leigh aka Zolaente and 1 cat Zola. I used to write the usa news & world news in print while making cool web design, photography, face & body art. I sell my art & cool paintings online at times. I still and always will do all websites and work myself or will sell the websites and retire totally from life and internet things. Probably one day when I die someone will make a ton of money on my work and sites. That is life eh. My name is Hilary & Zola is my cat. Sadly due to bad choices in the past and hard times after the results on my websites in 2013 were bad. My entire website was deleted and many other cool websites I had so many years were lost. I hadto redo the webpages and many news articles with photos and videos from the past were lost and deleted from online and lost forever.


   Picture shows Hilary Leigh aka Zolaente photographer, website designer, artist, writer & graphics artists that created On The Edge Ads And Entertainment In Dallas Texas USA. The newspaper photographer, graphics designer, newspaper publisher & Dallas Newspapers sales woman photographed in Galveston Texas 2006. Hilary Leigh put out free copies of the DFW Newspaper On The Edge Ads And Entertainment In Galveston Texas near beaches on Galveston Island to help people find the cool newspapers cool video website for On The Edge Ads And Entertainment via ZolaEnterprises.com live in Galveston & Houston Texas. Had Hilary Leigh known what she learned the hard way over years of fighting to get back to being free and herself again she would be crying in the photographs not smiling eh. Well live and learn then die in the end what is the point really now days eh.

Facepaint.ws Facepaint Fun With Talking Cat Zola! Face & Bodypaint By Hilary Leigh

    Facepaint.ws Was my cool  website or one of Hilary's many cool websites that show Hilary painted herself and took photos of herself to make fun pages with cool webdesign and face and body artwork to share with the world online. Hilary made the face painting website to show face painters and body painters examples of my cool webdesign and examples of photography and newspaper & website ads for face and body painters to get listed online and post ads in the dallas news paper. Examples of how Zolaenterprises.com could market face painters and party entertainers for party entertainment jobs in Dallas Texas made this face painter famous or in high demand when people in Dallas saw what face painting and body paintings could look like. Hilary wanted to post ads online and in printed newspapers in dallas texas to help dallas party painters & DFW entertainment companies in Dallas Fort Worth Texas to get found online without having to pay what she felt was over priced ads online and in printed newspapers. In trying to help party entertainers and artists or companies post ads online and in print on On The Edge Ads & Entertainment Newspapers in dallas I over marketed face painting and body painters and ended up being one of the most hired face painters for parties and events in Dallas Fort Worth Texasort Worth Texasort Worth Texas