Free.Enterprises is a .Enterprises website brought to you by ZolaEnterprises.com News And Entertainment Online. You have been redirected to this website from my other free websites while I redo and restart my online enterprises eh Grin.

    If you searched the .love websites or .ws websites or .com and .net websites and more domain names I own on my cool sites this not so cool websites here to say please check back. I have been to hellO and back with things you need to see and know about life in usa vs Europe. I have also had very hard times in many ways recently. I will restore websites with videos and photos online to share life and show what I can at times online. News and Entertainment coming soon for now I just work all the time I can and am trying to restore pages and life in ways. Hold tight I did not loss everything in ways of online stuff for I still have videos and photos with news articles and some paintings or weird art photos and videos left on one of my old external hard drives. That was not stolen eh. There we have it..