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Buy Art Online Art Galleries That Sell Art *Not sure it is wise to add art online now. I may share videos and photos of paintings and artwork from the past but that would be stupid at this point in time eh!

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Miami Florida Pictures & Videos

Travel To Florida Everglades

Photos & Videos Of Miami Florida With Miami News, Weather, Travel Tickets, South Beach Miami Parks Etc  Miami Florida Travel Blogs With Videos & Information About Miami Florida Coming Soon to my Florida Websites.

New Movies & Videos With News, Weather, Webcams & Chats Live In Florida Coming Soon via FLORIDA directory online & Florida Websites

Florida Everglades Florida Everglades Tours Florida Everglade Videos

 Click pictures and videos online to view full movies, full videos & full size photos online. Well seems nothings working and things are very different now I have to rethink and redo life!

Miami Florida Videos & Pictures From Miami Florida

Europe vs US coming soon

Arial Photography Shows Florida By Plane.

  Aerial Photographs taken by plane during my flight from London To Miami Florida September 2015. I went online to book cheap flights to Miami Florida from Sweden so I did not pack much for travel. I did not want to pay extra fees for luggage nor did I want to carry luggage or heavy backpacks with me from Europe to the USA. At the London Airport I changed planes for my flight from Gothenburg Sweden To Miami Florida..

Dallas Fort Worth Videos DFW Maps & Photos Of Texas

Maine Coon Cat Shaggy Loves His Cat Water Fountains

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Click the cat picture to see the big picture and videos of this Maine Coon Cat named Shaggy Boy drinking out of his cat water fountains & Buy Cat Water Fountains Online

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 To be honest after spending about 10 years in Sweden then returning to the USA it is very hard to justify putting time into pages and American things. I have seen alot in my 2 years or so back in the usa and not much of it is safe or beautiful. I will try to keep things here simple and say little since I am pretty much stuck in the usa for now and this pages in English etc.

Not sure what is coming but it is a work in progress as long as I am left alone long enough to get it done eh. I can not take much more drama or scary American things eh.

Art Photos In The Works For Now Pictures Of Art & Paintings Do Not Show Big Pictures Or Link To Art Sales Or Paintings For Sale Online Below Photos Are Space Savers Now.

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m Zola Cat Inspired Sites

  My Cat Zola Used To Love Watching TV. My cat Zola also loved to watch Live Birds At The Bird Feeder. That Picture Shows Zola The Smiling Cat With Live TV In The Background. That was before Zola went blind. Sad to say my beautiful cat Zola went through alot. Zola passed away May 10th of 2014 in Gothenburg Sweden. I soon after went to the woods and ocean in Sweden where the nature and animals helped me survive in ways. I am sure I would not be alive if it were not for many of the birds, hedgehogs, squirrels, cats. cows, bulls, and other wildlife and wild animals out there.

A very old blacklight face painting video of me painting myself while on webcam chat with a friend in Europe. Probably did that paint with a few friends and fans in EU i am sure but back in time filmed in Carrollton TX USA

Webcam 1169594464569 by leighgirl

My Cat Zola Used To Love Watching Live Art Shows As You See My Cat Zola Sits On The Table Watching Me Paint And Make Art For My Live Art Shows In Europe & Art Auctions Online Worldwide


   Pictures and videos with links from this websites probably not working since I am trying to redo and restore some parts of this cool websites news, art, videos, photo galleries and fun stuff online. My Swedish Videos With News, Weather, Videos, Photos & Information About Sweden

That websites down & I doubt I will be working on the Swedish websites and .se domains I bought. Things have changed. Check back to see maybe I will restore some videos and photos with art and news online from Sweden via past videos and photos when I lived in places of peace and safe countries eh.

Opps.SE Swedish News In English Version Online Here Swedish News, Pictures Of Sweden & Denmark, Scandinavian Beaches, Oceans, Animals, European Travel Videos, Video Blogs & Survival Videos And Tips Living In Tents, How To Survive Life In The Woods & Wildlife Videos, Swedish Art Gallery In Sweden Sales Art Online & Buy Art Live In Sweden At Art Shows In Swedish Art Gallery (Halland Sweden)

Information About Zola Inspired Website Copyrights & Information About My Cat Inspired Website Website Content

    Photos, Videos, News, Webcams, Webdesign, Art, Cool Websites Webpages On Websites Copyrights Of Zola & Zolaente AKA Hilary Leigh artist, photographer, graphics artist, news reporter, web designer, face and body painter, website marketing SEO ad specialist and movie maker or video producer etc. This cool websites all the work of one lady Hilary inspired by one cat ZOLA *grin*. It is not legal to make copies or reproduce any of this cool websites content. It is not legal to use any of my other cool websites content or any of my work in any way with not first talking to the cat or cats owner and getting permission. Though this talking cat really talks and can say yes Zola my cat says no to using our online videos, photos and  websites content! Cat inspired websites inspired by the real talking cat Zola.

Cat inspired by talking cat Zola *RIP Zola*

*Sad news from 2014 Zola the world's most amazing cat died May 10th 2014.*

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola My Love Passed Away.

   My baby Zola passed away in Gothenburg Sweden at a Swedish animal hospital. Zola is the talking cat as seen in On The Edge Ads And Entertainment newspapers, magazines, websites and on live webcams in the past. My baby Zola passed away May 10th 2014. RIP Baby Zola I hope I can join you very soon.

From Florida To Texas by Bus Greyhound Videos And Photos Coming Soon.

    Late September of 2015 I took a Greyhound Bus From Miami Florida To Fort Worth Texas. The cost to fly from Miami To Fort Worth was not much more than the cost taking the Greyhound Bus from Miami to Fort Worth Texas but being stupid in trying to save money I took the long hard road *grin*. Live and Learn. I will fly from DFW Airport To Miami International Airport To Catch My Flight From USA To Sweden.